Super Picnic Tent

Posted by wolf on 4 July 2013

One sunny morning it happened or in other words it was sunny. So it was a nice day but we went shopping for food and clothes because picnic at the river (lake) and then when we had all the things we went on the river (lake). I builded a wet sand factory: you put dry sand in the thing then sand. Any way soon after it started raining we were running of to the grandpas’ house cause I have all my holidays and I took out my tooth at the river (lake) but still it was raining so hard then my mom had an idea and put the picnic blanket on our own heads and that’s why we called the adventure SUPER PICNIC BLANKET. Soon we were at home I took a shower and dressed up and here I am writing all about it. Any way again thanks for listening and I hope you will like my next adventure and I can’t wait to get my 10eu

The End